Cayla Sanchez
Gymnastics Coach

Cayla is currently a student at San Antonio College with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies. She is also a full time coach at Aerial Athletics, where she coaches children from ages 2-8 in a variety of classes throughout the week. We are very lucky to have Coach Cayla work with our children each day to provide them with overall physical strength. She uses all of the equipment in the gym that is age and skill appropriate for our preschool children. 

Please take a minute to meet our Just Kids Family.  We are a close group of friends that all have a passion for teaching children!
Kim Peavler-
Owner of Just Kids Academy, Teacher
I have been an educator for 14 years, serving students in grades K-5.  I dedicated 10 years of teaching to Judson ISD at Olympia Elementary, serving as a 3-5 grade teacher and campus interventionist.  I was given the opportunity to complete many administrative roles throughout this time and LOVED it.  I received many recognitions including multiple years of team leader service, Educator of the Year, and Programs coordinator.
I also served the 2 years as a 4th grade teacher and team leader in Alamo Heights ISD.  The opportunity for professional growth gave me even more of a desire to open my own school in September, 2014.
I am a graduate of Texas State University (2002), with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies/certified Pre-K- 6th grade, and of Concordia University (2009) with a Masters in Education Administration K-12. 
I have always dreamed of one day opening my own child development center and am thrilled to be a part of your child's education.


Miss Kim is such an amazing teacher and Just Kids Academy Preschool is a very comfortable and nurturing, learning environment. My daughter loves her teacher, her friends, and all the wonderful skills she has been learning. She has come to love books and science and how we treat one another through singing and movement. I can't recommend Just Kids Academy Preschool enough; your child will grow and flourish!!!
- C. Trevino, Just Kids Academy Parent

Ms. Kim provides a warm and nurturing place for the children. When my daughter is not in school she always asks for Ms. Kim and tells me she wants to go to school. Ms. Kim takes every opportunity to teach the kids about their surroundings and also about having a "happy" heart. We highly recommend this school.
- Z Fox, Just Kids Academy Parent

My daughter loves it and Kim! She is an amazing teacher and provides an educational and loving environment for all children!
-J. Bryce, Just Kids Academy Parent

I can't have imagined a better educator for children to begin their formal education. My child experienced loads of love, gentle discipline, creative projects, hands on learning, encouragement, and understanding.  Under the leadership of Kim Peavler, you will find an enriched and blessed experience.  I am grateful for her positive impact on the life of my child.
- T. Clark, Alamo Heights ISD
Kim Peavler is a wonderful educator. Her love for teaching shows in all that she does for her students and colleagues. She provides lessons that engage the students and make them WANT to learn. Kim has an outgoing personality that comes alive through her passion for teaching.  She has a close connection with each student and truly cares about their academic growth.  She has a desire to make each child feel safe and comfortable and enjoy the learning experience.
She is also a dedicated leader to her staff.  She provides such a nurturing environment for students, parents, and colleagues. She is a very organized individual as well. Any family would be lucky to have Kim become a part of their child's life.
B. Vajdos, Judson ISD

Our son was fortunate enough to have Kim Peavler as a teacher for 3rd and 4th grade. She was outstanding! She made learning fun. and she motivated the students with her enthusiasm. Her genuine care and concern for each child was very evident in her interaction with the children and parents. She went above and beyond by showing up at extracurricular activities to support our son, even long after he was a student in her class. Our family has maintained a relationship with Kim becasue of the respect we have for her.  We think the world of her and would highly recommend her as a part of your child's education.
S. Barnes, Universal City/Judson ISD

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